Re-Creating A Sacred Space & Place


Re-Creating a Sacred Space & Place: Talk about Art Imitating Life!

I spent Labor Day weekend intensely laboring and cleaning out and throwing away and recycling and taking boxes of my pottery and more to the Goodwill. I look back and felt driven, to find that place and space again ~ re-creating my 3 season porch into not only a place to be still, unwind, and creative, but also a space, a presence, reflecting an inner peace that goes beyond physical place. 

It’s that “inner space” that transcends the mundane, that peace in the midst of a storm, that gift/grace that passes all understanding, ever so elusive when seeking but bubbles up when still.

          “B E     S  T  I  L  L     A   N   D       K    N    O    W    .     .     .

I love what Blaise Pascal wrote:

 “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” 

We need help from others as gifts to us . . . even simply applied, I was given this sunken lounge chair with foot rest the weekend before. I tried to give it to our children, not realizing it was a special piece of the sacred space puzzle that fit so well . . . 

                    ~ Outer Space, Inner Space, Sacred Place ~

This space is consecrated by inner creativity and outer creation. There’s personal art work and Lake Superior stones recently collected on a very “still” afternoon alone on the north shore.


.  .  .  And the two personal  life-masks span 40 years of physical recording when I was 20 and 60 years old . . . time waiting for no one, but older age as a gift if we lean from EVERYTHING we’ve gone through, nothing wasted, all recycled by The Great Recycler!  

There’s patriotism and art work from a friend receiving 9 hand thrown dinner plates in exchange, and a 12,000 piece Ravensberger puzzle given by an inmate in appreciation of years of visits . . . sacred memories infusing a place from an inner space. 

Our whole lives are opportunities to re-create and recreate in the LIGHT that is always trying to break through. I am thankful for another new beginning . . . It’s there, waiting for us all.  Finding it, no, experiencing it on my better days, my growing days, my days of being still, alone, in a room . . . 


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