“Burial Urns + Cookie Jars”

My Burial Urn

My Burial Urn

       I’ve created many burial for loved ones, friends and acquaintances over the years. I was sitting in a meeting once when a woman found out I was an artist/potter/sculptor and she blurted out:”I’ve had my mom’s ashes in a pickle jar for five years!!!” I made sure her mother had a final resting place! The ones that touch me the most are those who are doing well physically, having perhaps many decades to live,  but want to have ‘things in place’. They often end up enjoying their urns for many years before they die. They are not fearful or superstitious, thinking if they have their urn they will die soon. For me, it goes back to that phrase “Until you begin to deal with your death you can’t really begin to live.” I created my personal urn (photo at the top of page) years ago, and it feels good. It s a beautiful work of art while I’m alive and it will long outlive me and even future generations. 

       My 91 year old mother has taken care of all her arrangements a few years ago. I made her a burial urn about 10 years ago but the lid sealed on in the firing and we took that as a sign that heaven can wait! She just wanted a simple pot with a cross on it, so I created it with her favorite blue colors in the glaze, but added a little gold to her cross. She loves it and is now saying “Ohhh, I think it’s too beautiful to be placed in the ground.” I told her that it doesn’t have to be, and her children and grand children can enjoy it’s beauty for years to come!

My mother's burial urn

       Some friends have used their urns simply as a decorative piece in their homes, while for others it served as a way to have “The Talk” with family members about end of life decisions. Still others simply use it for a cookie jar…..maybe kind of weird, but why not??? A younger woman who has cut my hair for 15 years does it in trade for pottery. She and her husband have enjoyed their decorative artistic urns for years.

       The reason I’m even writing this post is that a friend asked me if I had a website with photos of burial urns for her to choose from, so here it is (below) with current burial urns for sale. (If interested in the prices, please email be at:  beyondhumptydumpty@yahoo.com, leave a note below or call me at 320-259-5393).  

       Its a blessing to offer affordable urns for those wanting them, or cookie jars, or works of art in their homes! (And by the way, the last time I priced burial urns at a funeral home, the least expensive equivalent ones were $400 – $800.00 ~ sadly exorbitant pricing when a person is in grief).

Here’s to a Celebration of Life, and LIFE after life!!!


burial urn ~ 1

burial urn ~ 2

burial urn 3burial urn ~ 4burial urn ~ 5burial urn 6

burial urn ~ 7

burial urn 8

burial urn 9

burial urn ~ 9This is a concept piece shaped like a large di holding dice but can also work well to hold ashes for a burial urn. 
burial urn ~ 10Obviously this larger urn has holes in it which works beautifully for a candle with the light shining out of the jar, and for an urn, the ashes would be placed in a sealed glass jar and placed inside. 

burial urn ~ 10

burial urn ~ 11

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