Where I Belong . . . finally Home

       One of the most amazing things about whatever and whoever anyone understands as “God” or their “Higher Power” is that the Spiritual Life simply becomes “One God Moment after another” when we keep “coming home” coming back to that source, that strength, the stuff and place that matters most deep in our core. As we do, we can see and sense in a growing way the miraculous all around us—realizing daily miracles that have always been here in the ordinary, the sacred, and we are beginning to perceive it once more since childhood. And it throws me back to that C.S.Lewis quote that we’re not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

       This happened again to me a few days ago…..I had been “drifting” for some time, caught up with “the things of the Lord, and not the Lord of the things”, not meditating, reflecting or reading my inspirational literature. One acquaintance said to me, “You seem so unsettled, what it is you’re missing?” My first thought was defensive, and then I just thought about it for a few days….and the answer came easily: I was missing being thankful and giving thanks for all the amazing blessings and gifts I have been given every day.

       As I took account of these riches, I began to give thanks and wandered back to my roots, returning to my daily reflections and that day’s entry echoed the wrestling match I had just weathered—the “God Moment” just surfaced!  Not only was there the perfect reflection about a dream from Carl Jung that could have been mine, but later that evening, so I would not forget, the two recorded songs that played right after each other as I was driving home both “drove home” my lapse and re-centering in returning.

       Carl Jung wrote of a dream he had, and I paraphrase: he was in a thick, dense jungle hacking away with a machete, feeling overwhelmed and drained as he came upon a clearing, housing a simple small cabin. He walked to the cabin, looked through the window and saw a man praying, he walked through the open door and realized that man was himself who while praying had a dream of a man cutting through the woods searching. We spend so much of our lives hacking through the dense undergrowth, thinking we will find what we’re looking for when all the while it’s there waiting for us as we come back to the source and of our core being….coming back home where we belong. 

       The two songs were “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk from the movie “The Notebook”, and “Welcome Home” by Wendy and Mary. If you’re like me, listening to love songs over the years certainly do speak of the love of a woman and man for each other, but the best love songs seem to be most complete when the LOVER is God and we are His Beloved. And we are finally home, where we belong.

       Here are the links:

 “Feels Like Home” ~ http://youtu.be/hjky7v7JIow 

“Welcome Home” ~ http://youtu.be/1mumcipTCZQ

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