” T h e L I G H T “

The LIGHT shines through our cracks

We can’t escape the LIGHT!

The LIGHT shines, even through—especially through—our cracks and brokenness! Darkness is only the absence of LIGHT. We can often feel imprisoned: by our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our past, present and future.The LIGHT shines through all of that . . . 

Shining through our ImprisonmentThe light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

A good, wise friend of mine recently said, “Everyone has a story, and each of us in recovery often keep telling the same story over and over again.” My story is that of allowing my Higher Power’s LIGHT to shine through me, often in spite of me. Recently the underlying words of my story have been the closing of the Twelve Promises: 

“We suddenly realized that God is doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves.”

That LIGHT shines even in the darkest places – often most brightly! 

Pottery Display at Recovery Plus Treatment Facility, St. Cloud, MN

My current display for the coming months at Recovery Plus shares a variety and diversity of wheel thrown and altered pottery, but the heart of it all is that even though we may be broken, battered, bruised and powerless . . . WE ARE HELD  

"Broken, yet HELD!"

We are not only held and carried, but as we are empowered, we are blessed to carry others. “He/She ain’t heavy . . . He/She is my Brother/Sister.”

Therefore, as we heal, grow, and change, we are like stained glass windows, allowing the LIGHT to shine through us, enlightening others. Even through–and especially through–our cracks and brokenness.

K E E P  + + + S H I N I N G 

K E E P + + + S H I N I N G

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