“Do we have to throw away the broken pieces???”

It was just this past year at the Paramount Visual Arts Center, while examining a beautiful large metallic green platter that was just taken from the kiln, that I noticed a deep crack all the way through on the bottom of the piece. Though immediately bummed by the crack in this time consuming large creative piece, I quickly shook it off as ceramic artists must always stay detached from their creations which often do not materialize as desired, though sometimes better! As I was pondering the crack, fellow artist and Paramount Visual Arts Director Melissa simply said in a matter of fact way “In Japan, when a special pot cracks or breaks, they restore it by filling it with gold or silver.” I loved that idea which became magnified recently when I saw this photo:

Restoring the Sacred . . .

. . . . . Restoring the Sacred . . . . .

Though ‘brokenness’ due to any cause in our lives is tragic, its too easy to give up, or simply throw away that piece of our lives or our dreams or our goals…..thinking it can never be the same…..when in reality, it can often be better! This is the heart of true healing in recovery from anything we have experienced.


     “Making our Scars Beautiful!!!” This is the heart of being recycled—the magnificence of the Spirit that can transform our earth bound caterpillar lives into soaring flight!

I heard an NPR program today on “The Takeaway” which reported on the ability of the scientific medical field to be able to go into people minds and thoughts and take away their most tragic memories, as if they never happened and the individual would never remember them. My first thought was “this is my life ~ this is who I am ~ this is what has shaped me and I don’t want to forget where I came from and how my life has miraculously changed. I want to remember to share with those who are now going through the same living nightmares.” I felt there certainly could be a place for those with severe PTSD issues/memories as well as abuse trauma and much more. But I am thankful to be recycled from my most traumatic experiences.


I know we can’t completely recycle our brains and all we have been through, though many people try various means . . .


. . . . I am simply thankful that God’s Spirit can and does take all the broken pieces I am able to give . . . and make a brand new creation . . . something I could never have become if I had not been broken.

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