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It has been 11 years since I published my first book on recovery and healing, and I have spent the last four years completing my second book on “God Moments.” It is 460 pages containing many personal art works, and over 140 “Moments” that family and friends have seen what they believe to be God, as they understand God, interacting, “touching” them. How does that happen? Is that even possible? Find out for yourself; “crack the door” if you haven’t already. ~ MIRACLES HAPPEN!


God Moments ~ The Reality of God’s Presence In Our Everyday Lives: MIRACLES HAPPEN!: Ferber, Kenneth Edgar: 9781542580533: Books

Art Show Brochure

Here’s my current September through October, 2023 Art Show Brochure (below) of all my work on display, and all for sale if there is an interest. If you are living in the Central Minnesota area, I invite you to stop by the Gallery Saint Germain, anytime Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm, or Saturday, 10am-2pm, or an hour before any of the Paramount Performances (Angels, Spheres, & Celestial Gears || Art Exhibition | Paramount Center for the Arts ( Also, I would love to have you join me for either my Reception on Saturday, September 16th between noon and 2pm, or during the October 20th evening Art Crawl. Light Refreshments will be served and I will be sharing about my work and creative process.

Please contact me at my email above ( or leave a comment here. PEACE through CREATIVITY! ~ Ken.

New, Two Month Long Solo Art Exhibit in Downtown Saint Cloud, Minnesota

I am thankful and richly blessed to display fifty, mostly new art creations over this past year, at beautiful Gallery Saint Germain connected to the Paramount Theatre on Saint Germain street in Saint Cloud. I have added a link in the link section. If you are in the area, come down Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm, and Saturday, 10am-2pm. And I would love to have you come to my Artist Reception on Saturday, September 16, between noon and 2pm. The address is:

913 West St Germain St, St Cloud, MN 56301




Here is a sampling of my functional and decorative art works—wheel thrown, sculpted, and hand built from high fired stoneware clay (If you’re interested in any of these items and cannot make it to the Art Crawl, please write or call at: 320-259-5393, or,, THANKS, Ken. 

Here’s an added skill set I am exploring—Mobile Creation:

A few other photos from March, 2018 Art Crawl, including artist friend and Art Crawl Collaborator Chuck Norwood, exploring more black and white photography as evidenced displayed in background:

Chuck and Ken, pushing our books!

Re-Creating A Sacred Space & Place


Re-Creating a Sacred Space & Place: Talk about Art Imitating Life!

I spent Labor Day weekend intensely laboring and cleaning out and throwing away and recycling and taking boxes of my pottery and more to the Goodwill. I look back and felt driven, to find that place and space again ~ re-creating my 3 season porch into not only a place to be still, unwind, and creative, but also a space, a presence, reflecting an inner peace that goes beyond physical place. 

It’s that “inner space” that transcends the mundane, that peace in the midst of a storm, that gift/grace that passes all understanding, ever so elusive when seeking but bubbles up when still.

          “B E     S  T  I  L  L     A   N   D       K    N    O    W    .     .     .

I love what Blaise Pascal wrote:

 “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” 

We need help from others as gifts to us . . . even simply applied, I was given this sunken lounge chair with foot rest the weekend before. I tried to give it to our children, not realizing it was a special piece of the sacred space puzzle that fit so well . . . 

                    ~ Outer Space, Inner Space, Sacred Place ~

This space is consecrated by inner creativity and outer creation. There’s personal art work and Lake Superior stones recently collected on a very “still” afternoon alone on the north shore.


.  .  .  And the two personal  life-masks span 40 years of physical recording when I was 20 and 60 years old . . . time waiting for no one, but older age as a gift if we lean from EVERYTHING we’ve gone through, nothing wasted, all recycled by The Great Recycler!  

There’s patriotism and art work from a friend receiving 9 hand thrown dinner plates in exchange, and a 12,000 piece Ravensberger puzzle given by an inmate in appreciation of years of visits . . . sacred memories infusing a place from an inner space. 

Our whole lives are opportunities to re-create and recreate in the LIGHT that is always trying to break through. I am thankful for another new beginning . . . It’s there, waiting for us all.  Finding it, no, experiencing it on my better days, my growing days, my days of being still, alone, in a room . . . 


The Year of the Cow


Yes, EVERYTHING COWS, by way of Painting, Sculpture, Photography and more, as our Artist Guild of Central Minnesota holds it annual themed exhibit July 12 ~ August 11th :

At ~ Gallery Saint Germain ~ Come for our Opening Reception, Thursday, July 13th, 6-8pm.

BUT NOW, I AM IN THE PREPPING / GETTING READY PHASE . . . with a few pieces done, some just carved and fired once, others glazed and  getting ready to be fired  ~ kind of like life ~ 


Or perhaps better from Fyodor:

 But Art  DOES Imitate Life, especially in Minnesota from a photo I took a few days ago ~ 

Soooooooo, we’ll keep creating as we carve and glaze and fire and do our best to share with you all the fruits of our labors  

IN HONOR OF: Gustav KLIMT, My Jewish Ancestors, and the film “Woman In Gold”.



GUSTAV KLIMT, the amazing, creative, controversial, always changing and growing as an artist Viennese Painter and a leader of the Art Nouveau/Symbolist Movement! 


As an artist and student of art history I have been mesmerized for decades ~as has the world ~ by KLIMT and the Symbolist/Art Nouveau Movement. (Two of my favorite books on this period by Philippe Jullian are: “The Symbolists” and “Dreamers of Decadence”). In his 56 years of life and incredible artistic achievement, he was the consummate technician from his early traditional paintings and classical period through his extreme, sensual, brilliant provocative work breaking away from the current Viennese painting tradition (forming the Secessionist Movement). I’ve traced this movement in photos of his work below.  

But the main reason for this post is not my ongoing love affair with KLIMT, but my ancestral roots on my mothers side, inspired to write this after viewing the 2015 new release on NETFLIX films of ” The Woman In Gold” ~ Here’s the Offical Trailer: 


Again, this movie, as three others I’ve watched and re-watched this year (“Shindler’s List”: “The Remembrance”, and “Fugitive Pieces”) have thrown me back to my Jewish roots. My oldest sister did the genomic study “23 & Me” last year, not unlike’s genomic study opportunity, and found out that our family is over 50% Ashkenazi Jew. That was quite a discovery when all our lives we are thinking German/Polish/Prussian/Russian mix. It made me reflect on my desire and enjoyment of learning Hebrew at seminary, and making 5 visits to Israel over the past 32 years, which included 5 gut-wrenching tours of Jerusalem’s Holocaust Museum—Yad Vashem. 

When my wife Joan spent over 100 hours two years ago researching, interviewing my mother, and receiving hundreds of pictures from my siblings to put together a beautiful video tribute and book for her 90th birthday, I began to see those roots more clearly. Here are a few beginning photos: 







What a family! Ya gotta love the family goat the sisters took care of!!! 

To complete this writing, here are Gustav KLIMT’S early, traditional paintings, evolving into his classical period and fully blossoming as a forerunner of the Art Nouveau period. You can see the influence of the European and Italian Renaissance masters, as well as how Gustav transformed the colors and patterns of Italy’s Ravenna Mosacis into his astounding abstract, erotic and later Symbolist art. Such an amazing talent and inspiration, not unlike Jackson Pollack for me and his evolution from traditional Regionalist style as taught by Thomas Hart Benton to his over the top, deeply abstract yet balanced pour paintings. I hope for such an ongoing artistic transformation. 






















A last playful dance pic of Gustav and friend . . . followed by perhaps his most popular painting, “The Kiss”  





“GOD ~ MOMENTS” ~ Share Yours With Me if You’d Like.



I AM WRITING A SECOND BOOK, and I’d love to have you be a part of it. It’s called “GOD MOMENTS ~ The Reality of God’s Presence In Our Every Day Lives.” It will be a 366 day reflection book drawing from real life miracles that I’ve experienced, those of friends and family, and from events around the world. 

Maybe “MIRACLES” is too strong of a word? How about these:

You know what Albert Einstein said about COINCIDENCES???



YOU THINK ABOUT IT! I’d LOVE to have your experience be a part of a year long book that can inspire others ~ letting them know they are not alone. As the philosopher Chardin stated:

FEEL FREE TO WRITE ME and pass on your “God Moment”, I’d love to to add it to my book, but even more so, I’d love to be encouraged by your experience. My email to write to is:  







Inspiration/Creation = Giving Birth/Giving Life

I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by the creative process, and having only recently vacationed in Italy, enjoying Rome, Florence, Venice, Assisi and more, the words of Michelangelo struck a chord:

Poems are made by fools like me….but only God can make a tree.”

It reminds me of the story about a bunch of scientists who were atheists and God appeared to them and said, “I know you don’t believe in me but let’s have a contest to see who can create life.” They jumped at the challenge and ran and grabbed some dirt and brought it into the lab. But God said, “Hey, wait a minute, that’s MY dirt!”

And speaking of dirt or clay, there’s that ahhhh-mazing creation story where in the beginning, God took some earth and created man. Michelangelo’s centerpiece on the glorious ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome depicts this scene:

In this context, there’s a difference between creation and inspiration, between giving birth and giving life. God first created everything out of nothing, then took what he created and formed a person, but that person was not fully alive, fully awakened. Then, the magical words from Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” There is the creating but then the breathing into, literally “inspiration” becoming a “living soul.” I love that.  Does that shed new meaning on the phrase “merely existing or truly living”? “Get busy living or get busy dying”? As a friend of mine often said, “Our goal in life is to become fully conscious, fully awake.” 

It had been forty years since I first visited, and I could not help but shed tears of awe walking through the renovated Sistine Chapel ~ Awe-Filled!!!

I am so thankful I’ve been blessed with the gift and time to create, to use dirt/clay, and breathe into my creations to help them live. And art does imitate life, as if the clay can speak, as we do, wondering what’s going on?? Why this suffering, why this pain??? And we hear the response of the only ONE that created us and chose to breathe and continues to lovingly breathe into us:

Yes, we are God’s poems, His creations, fearful and wonderfully made….and breathed into. 


+ WORD Became Flesh + GOD Became Human +



I BELIEVE God is the BANG behind “The Big Bang” and the best of Science continues to discover God’s footprints in His Universe. It is beyond human comprehension that this ever expanding Power creating everything out of nothing became flesh that first Christmas morn. 


The Magic/Miracle of Christmas is not that God was born but that God can be born in us, the miracle of faith. I believe the greatest miracle is not that a man born blind can receives his sight, but that any of us can be brought from darkness to LIGHT. That is God’s will, God’s love, God’s amazing grace…….

…….So this is Christmas.