The Year of the Cow


Yes, EVERYTHING COWS, by way of Painting, Sculpture, Photography and more, as our Artist Guild of Central Minnesota holds it annual themed exhibit July 12 ~ August 11th :

At ~ Gallery Saint Germain ~ Come for our Opening Reception, Thursday, July 13th, 6-8pm.

BUT NOW, I AM IN THE PREPPING / GETTING READY PHASE . . . with a few pieces done, some just carved and fired once, others glazed and  getting ready to be fired  ~ kind of like life ~ 


Or perhaps better from Fyodor:

 But Art  DOES Imitate Life, especially in Minnesota from a photo I took a few days ago ~ 

Soooooooo, we’ll keep creating as we carve and glaze and fire and do our best to share with you all the fruits of our labors  

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