“GOD ~ MOMENTS” ~ Share Yours With Me if You’d Like.



I AM WRITING A SECOND BOOK, and I’d love to have you be a part of it. It’s called “GOD MOMENTS ~ The Reality of God’s Presence In Our Every Day Lives.” It will be a 366 day reflection book drawing from real life miracles that I’ve experienced, those of friends and family, and from events around the world. 

Maybe “MIRACLES” is too strong of a word? How about these:

You know what Albert Einstein said about COINCIDENCES???



YOU THINK ABOUT IT! I’d LOVE to have your experience be a part of a year long book that can inspire others ~ letting them know they are not alone. As the philosopher Chardin stated:

FEEL FREE TO WRITE ME and pass on your “God Moment”, I’d love to to add it to my book, but even more so, I’d love to be encouraged by your experience. My email to write to is:








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