MAY ~ Mental Health Awareness Month

I am honored to be chosen as one of two artist to display our work this week in the Rotunda of the Stearns County Courthouse, St. Cloud, MN, celebrating May as Mental Health Awareness Month. 



There is definitely a stigma surrounding mental health issues, from depression to bipolar, borderline personality disorder, suicidal and so many more labels we often tag people with so we can put them into a kind of box and distance ourselves from them. Some of the greatest artists and individuals struggled in these areas throughout history and not only survived but even thrived through them. 

Having been living in “active sobriety” for the past nine and a half years, attending meetings and support groups each week and sponsoring a number of men in recovery, I have felt and seen mental health issues close up. Art is therapeutic and healing. My “Artist Statement” speaks of the way our understanding of a Higher Power chooses to recycle and work through everything in our lives in amazing creative ways. 
mental health new 2I am joined by painter Artist Sadie Wolf who has a powerful Artist Statement and amazingly creative and colorful creations! 

sadies work 2

sadies work 1

I will include photos of many of my works below that are represented in this display ~ all of which express healing and growth, not ashamed of what so many go through from mental health issues, but allowing the shame and pain to be a catalyst of healing through creativity. In so doing the phrase that is a guiding light for my life keeps living itself out:

“The Walking Wounded are becoming the Wounded Healers!”

If you have any questions of my art work regarding theme and understanding or pricing towards purchase, please contact me at:

~ email:

~ phone: 1-320-259-5393 


~ Kenneth E. Ferber ~

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