“Peace of Mind”

“Everybody wants p-e-a-c-e….peace of mind.” (Loggins and Messina). 

Trying to get my confirmation students to open and read their Bibles on occasion, I would ask them:  “How often would you open and read your Bible if  every time you did a fresh, five dollar bill would appear???? Duhhhhh??? Yes, a no-brainer. How about you? How about me??? And it doesn’t have to be a bible, it can be any kind of inspirational book that encourages you to let the light shine through you in a greater way—reflected words that give you a little extra strength to let go and let God.

This was my experience this morning, and almost every morning that I live out my New Year’s resolution to read at least 5 devotional readings throughout the week. Earlier this week, I caught myself singing the great bluesy-song “Peace of Mind” by Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina. I hadn’t thought of that song for years, but there it was, encouraging me, almost sub-consciously; I was lightly humming the tune and that was it. This morning I turned to one of my readings and there, serendipitously and synchronistically, it was, “Peace of Mind.” Let me quote this short reading:

“‘Tis peace of mind, lad, we must find.”  (Theocritus.)

What could be more valuable than peace of mind? With it, no other valuables are necessary.  Without it, all the  valuables in the world aren’t enough. Truly, no human condition is more desirable.  All languages have words for the profound sense of serenity that is peace of mind.  Liberians talk about peace of mind in words that literally mean, “My heart sits down.” In other parts of Africa, peace of mind is called a “body song” or “where the cool water runs.”  In any tongue, the sentiment is the same.

Peace of mind isn’t something we go out and get.  It’s the result of something we do and keep on doing.  Peace is the reward for turning our lives and our wills over to the care of God as we understand Him, so we can do what is necessary.  When our response to shame is not a food binge, the afterglow is peace of mind; when we want to run from a relationship but don’t, we have earned the sensation of peace; when we want to hide but we extend a heart and hand, we have won peace.

Today, I will prepare myself to receive peace of mind.  I will thank God in advance for giving it to me. 

(From, Days of Healing, Days of Joy)

So, how many crisp, clean, freshly minted five dollar bills am I going to collect this week? How about you?  Blessings, and Peace of Mind………Ken.


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