What Is the MOST IMPORTANT THING I Can Write???

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            It’s that time of the week again when I usually create a new post on my website.  So I’m thinking, ‘What is the most important thing I can write?” That’s quite a challenge—what IS the most important thing I could share with others? Also, would that message be any different if I shared it with one other person that knows and loves me, or, if I was shared it with a million people? If it was the most important thing to me and my loved one, wouldn’t it be the most important thing to a million others? Or would my writing, trying to be all things to all people, change the most important thing?

            There’s lots of advice out there, and I intersperse a bunch of graphics here to hear what others think is most important:


            The most important thing to me is what helps me most today, as well as helping others.  This reminds me of a world religion I was studying that answered three of its most important questions:  1) What is the most important time?  2) Who is the most important person?  3) What is the most important thing to do? The answers were:  The most important time is NOW; the most important person is THE ONE YOU ARE WITH; and the most important thing to do is to MAKE THAT PERSON HAPPY. This is not unlike my friend who shares the frustration of many who feel overwhelmed because there are so many people in need. They do not know where to start to help them so they often do nothing.  My friend has resolved this dilemma by saying, “You don’t have to help the person who falls down across the street, but you do have to help the person who falls down in front of you.”

            And this all goes back to ‘divine presence’ and the ‘God-moment’ and ‘nothing happens by accident’ and so many other statements that many claim as their most important things.  Right up there in my life’s order of ‘most importants,’  is believing that ALL THINGS, not just some things,  do work out for the good—even though this may not always be for the present good but the ETERNAL GOOD.  The most important thing for me is that with the grace and love and power of what anyone may call ‘God,’ and what I call God in Christ, is that the walking wounded can become the wounded healers. This is my life’s mantra, as many already know. It is not unlike the truth that ties all these truths together:  Our worst days can become our best days.  God truly does recycle ALL THINGS. We will never be what we used to be, because that transforming power is willing and able to take everything and make a brand new creation!  I believe that power even gives us the desire to desire it. We can become BETTER rather than BITTER; enjoying a life of gratitude rather than one of ongoing complaint.

            So where does the power come from to believe all this? I can only share what I believe and have personally experienced.  Many believe in their heart or soul that it comes from deep inside of them, and who am I to disagree with how the spirit in them is teaching them? I can honestly say when I have compared life-notes with hundreds and even thousands of others in the past 59 years, a majority of them point to a Power greater than themselves. They speak of a God that is TOTAL LOVE, unconditional love, even during difficult times when life is harsh and refuses to be resolved by simple answers. There is a strong, powerful light that shines through the worst of times, and perhaps then most brightly.

            I’ve heard it stated a number of times that all living beings think about death, or their death, on a daily basis.  Even if this is an exaggeration, our own mortality is not an infrequent thought.  In light of this, the most important thing I can write is that I believe the best part of me—my soul—will live forever. And perhaps more important for this day, is that a taste of that ‘foreverness’ begins NOW and goes on into eternity. When I am plugged into the presence and source of God’s love, connected through prayer, or thought, or whatever ritual and posture works best, it is then I am most real and eternal.

            This brings me back to the challenge of this writing exercise.  I can’t write for anyone else but myself.  I can allow God’s light and love to shine through me because I have received that from others.  But perhaps all this talk about what’s most important is a bit much. If truth be told, perhaps the most important thing for me to write this week is to write nothing, to let go and not feel I have to write at all! That could be freeing;  that could be my ‘most important thing.’  This reminds me of a few simple truths in closing: 1) Sometimes the most spiritual thing I can do for myself is to get eight hours of sleep; 2) The religion of the Dali Lama is KINDNESS. Though some might not agree with this religion, what good is any religion or faith tradition if in the end it does not produce the fruit of love and kindness towards others—the most important thing. 


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