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LOVE THIS PICTURE!  It’s a bit like I think of God whenever he thinks of us, which is ALL THE TIME!  How beautiful!  Every couple posts on this website I share an excerpt from my book, “Beyond Humpty Dumpty: Recovery Reflections on the Seasons of Our Lives.”  I include this one on ‘Spiritual Experiences’…….

…….Peace, Love, Hope, and Light!  Ken,.

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The topic of my AA meeting yesterday was “Spiritual Experiences.” The chairperson wanted others to share stories about enlightening experiences they have had in their recovery. She went on to say, “If that is too much to share, a second topic can be sponsorship.” The group found out at the end of the meeting that the reason she chose the topic was due to something spiritual she had experienced the week before and wanted to share it with us.

Most of the sharing during the meeting could be summarized as: “I’ve had a couple of things happen to me that might be called a spiritual experience, but the greatest experience for me is being sober today, which is a true miracle!” All agreed, even though many seemed to be hoping for bright lights, angel visitations, and audible voices telling them what to do next. A freeing expression came to my mind and I smiled: “Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do for yourself is to get eight hours of sleep!”

 For me, the most beautiful part of all the sharing was simply being reminded why I am here: To love God and to love others. Two members in particularly shared that in a powerful way. One woman said she felt like dirt at the lowest point of her using and kept crying out to God, asking why she was still here. Her Higher Power simply responded, because I love you. Then a guy shared that he had always wondered what his purpose in life was, until this past week. His friend was in a life-and-death situation. He prayed, and words came out of his mouth that were not his own which greatly helped his friend. Now he feels on top of the world. He went on to say: “My life is still messed up, but I know now why I am here—to help others!”

I thought to myself, “Yes, this is so simple! Why does the world make it so complicated and mysterious?” I think one answer to this question is that the truth of why we are here is so obvious that people either do not want to do it, or do not have the power to do it, so they make it complicated and beyond knowing. Why do we think we have to know a specific purpose for life or destiny or whatever, when the two greatest commandments are: 1) loving God (as we understand God); and 2) loving our neighbor as ourselves.

These are our vertical and horizontal relationships: we are empowered to reach up to the God of our understanding, and as we do, we are empowered to reach across to another. This action also forms a cross, one of the symbols of my Higher Power.

One member shared from her Big Book the spiritual story of Bill W., who graciously received a visit from an old friend whom he thought had been “committed for alcohol insanity.” This friend called Bill up, came over, and sat with him at his kitchen table—a walking miracle! Bill writes:

But my friend sat before me, and he made the point-blank declaration that God had done for him what he could not do for himself. His human will had failed. Doctors had pronounced him incurable. Society was about to lock him up. Like myself, he had admitted complete defeat. Then he had, in effect, been raised from the dead, suddenly taken from the scrap heap to a level of life better than the best he had even known! That floored me. It began to look as though religious people were right after all. Here was something at work in a human heart which had done the impossible. My ideas about miracles were drastically revised right then. Never mind the musty past; here sat a miracle directly across the kitchen table. He shouted great tidings.   

Fourth Edition, p. 11


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