How Do You Write about AN AMAZING NEW CREATIVE ART BUSINESS . . . for Time & for Eternity?”

MAYBE THE WAY TO “SAY IT”  is through artistic and heart felt photos and PR:

A few Special Urns

My Entrepreneurial Art Friend JULIA is reclaiming and transforming an amazing old building into a Monument, Urn, and potential future Art Center! And she’s invited me to be a part and share my talent and gifts . . . 


And her amazing Renaissance-Man-Father built a perfectly fitted meeting room for visiting families and a place to house my Adult, Animal, Custom Urns, and a few other large pottery creations:

That amazing visiting family and Urn room


So we Celebrate our July 14th Open House and all the amazing possibilities to come from this Creative Space to give Life and Love and Hope in so many more ways than we know . . . 

. . . And to add some individual beauty in form and function in a few specific urns*


ALL ‘ADULT URNS’ are $150 (plus shipping if needed); all ‘Animal Urns’ are $75; all ‘Custom Urns’ are valued on amount of specialized time put into them. Contact me at:, or Call me at: 1-320-259-5393. 

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